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My name is Brie Rumore, I'm 25 years old and reside in southwest Ohio. I started this blog mainly to update friends, family and anyone else who cares to read, on me and my husband's adoption journey. I'm also going to share our story of heartbreak, bitterness, and all the other emotions that come with infertility. If any of that sounds appealing I encourage you to stick around, if not no hard feelings.

Things to know....
  • I'm an avid film and TV buff

  • I promise I have ice cream in my home 24/7

  • I love making art! Watercolor and alcohol ink are go-to's

  • Traveling is cool but I'd much rather be at my local coffee shop with a friend

  • I have two fur babies, Clementine & Kiwi- I know, adorable names

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Brie Rumore


Let me be clear, I don't actually consider myself a blogger. I admire bloggers deeply, but I am no professional writer, grammar critique or profound person. I am just another human with a story.

Nick Rumore

Blogger Hubby

I'm less of a blogger than the person next to me. I do have some quirky thoughts that I will share with you along this journey of adoption.

(My first statement to Brie of what to write was "I like kids." so there's that too.

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