Our Adoption Journey


Nick and I made the decision to start the adoption process in February of 2019. The first step in the process for us was meeting with one of my really good friends, who happens to be an adoption assessor for an agency here in Ohio (the one we are going with). Nick and I wanted to process our hearts and desires of adoption, talk thru what the process looks like and more. I highly recommend speaking with someone who is in the adoption field or has gone through it themselves before just jumping in. This gave us a lot of clarity and also ease when moving to the actual application step.   



The adoption agency we are partnering with is called

Choosing Hope. This agency is based out of Springfield, OH which is only 45 minutes from Nick and me. We chose this agency for a few reasons. Firstly, we know one of the adoption assessors there. She is one of my best friends, was in our wedding and I trust her with my life. She is not the type of person to just force us to go with her agency, but the fact that we trust her and know she believes in her company is huge for us. Choosing Hope is a very ethical company. They focus so much of their attention to the birth moms, which we LOVE! And they are faith-based, as am Nick and I. Finding the adoption agency that best suits you and your family is important. Do your research, talk to others in the adoption world and reach out to a company even before applying to see how willing they are to help you. This can tell you a lot about them before you commit! 


Check out Choosing Hope!

We would not be able to adopt without the support of our friends, family and more! Adoption is not all rainbows and butterflies. It can be extremely draining, time-consuming and expensive. We are so thankful to have a large support system that is willing to help in all different ways for us as we go through this process. We have those who ask about where we are in the process and how things are going. We have many prayer warriors praying for not only us but also our future child and their birth mother.

We also are asking for those who can, to support us and our adoption by helping us fundraise for the cost of adoption. This is scary and exciting but we have hope that adoption is a part of our story and the Lord will provide in that! 

Want to partner with us financially?

Check out our Go Fund Me Page! 


This is by far the most common question we get when telling people we're adopting. (I don't mind it.) But, why are adopting? A few reasons. Before Nick and I were married we had the conversation of adoption. We both shared we have hearts for adoption and think it is a beautiful way to grow a family. So adoption has always been on the table for us. However, we did want to have biological kids as well. In February of 2017, we started trying to conceive but, well it's 2019 and still no babe. We started to seek medical attention in the fall of 2018 and from there we were told conceiving a baby was not impossible but would most likely include medical intervention. Nick and I were down to try some things but after one round of Clomid for me and receiving news about Nick's fertility we change our focus from medicine to adoption. We respect those who do use medicine and interventions to help conceive so much! But we just didn't want to put money and time into something we felt wasn't a definite thing. Adoption is still hard and frustrating at times but we have confidence that this is how we will start our family and really are excited about our journey!

The first text I sent to a friend saying Nick and I are adopting

(Sorry for the end Mom and Dad) 

Have questions or want to process adoption? I'd love to talk with you!
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