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Updated: Mar 25, 2020

Welcome to the Brick House Blog!

Thanks for stopping by! I hope this visit is accompanied by a warm drink, comfy clothes, and natural lightening!

Who am I to talk? I’m writing this in work clothes, a chair that is slowly yet consistently sinking, and fluorescent lightening. Not at all my ideal blogging space, so please come and stay as you are!

I just wanted to give a quick introduction of who I am and why I’ve started this blog!

Well, my name is Brie! I am 25 years old and I reside in Southwest, Ohio. I am married, 3.5 years this month! CRAZY! My hubby’s name is Nick. He most likely won’t be too active on here, but I may ask him to pop in with some thoughts or comments every now and then! We have two kitties, Clementine and Kiwi, they keep us entertained most days and warm at night, even when we don’t want it.

I am currently a Prevention Specialist at a company in Dayton doing mainly suicide prevention with middle school and high school students. However, I am also being trained soon to become a Labor Doula, which I am the MOST excited for!

My hobbies include watching TV or movies, eating ice cream, taking naps, really anything that isn’t healthy to do too much of, yet here I am! But, I do love a whole lot more than that! I do a lot of art and crafty things in my free time, I’m extraverted so being with people is my jam, and if you’re buying I will be happy to join any shopping trip!

Enough about me now… let’s talk about my blog! I am not a blogger. I mean, I am, cause I’m blogging right now, but like I don’t plan on this being much more than space for me to update friends, family, and even strangers if they stop by, on my life and journey of infertility and adoption!

Trust me when I say I would NEVER wish infertility on anyone, especially myself. I will talk more about that through the blog, but it has been the hardest, most infuriating and heartbreaking season of my life and I wouldn’t be surprised if that never changes. However, my husband and I started the adoption process in the spring of 2019 and couldn’t be more excited!

All of this is a lot to talk about and when you have a husband who is from Alabama, we lived in Colorado for a year after getting married and have friends in all different places, we wanted a one-stop-shop for people who want updates or to know more about our journey. I am more than happy to answer questions still or talk over coffee but this blog will also be helpful for me to be honest and transparent about everything.

I hope this blog brings more than just updates but also understanding for those who don’t experience the things I do, joy and even a sense of togetherness in the life where things rarely go as planned and just plain suck sometimes.

Also, just a fun fact for all you readers, why did we choose the name “Brick House Blog”? Well for one, we live in a brick house. So pretty obvious option there. But also, my name is Brie and my husband's name is Nick. Our couple's name?

You just think about it for a minute.

I know, it’s amazing.

But, that’s all for now and thanks for stopping in! Go on now. Get comfy, get your beverage of choice and unwind. And if you feel like it, invite me, cause I will most likely drop everything and be there in five.

You are always welcome in the Brick House!

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